Burial Options
at White Haven Memorial Park and Canandaigua Lakeview Cemetery

At White Haven Memorial Park, we have a wide variety of lovely settings and a full range of options for both full casket or cremation burials. Choosing the type of burial you want to memorialize yourself or a loved one is a very personal decision. You will need to weigh your options carefully and pick what best fits you and your needs.

If you have any questions regarding our burial options, call us at 585-586-5250 so our staff can assist you.

Our burial options include:

Nature Trail

A babbling brook running under a bridge on one of White Haven Memorial Parks nature trails

White Haven's Nature Trail offers cremation burial sites around a serene pond, under mature pine trees or along a babbling brook. Burial may be made directly in the earth or in your choice of urn, including a biodegradable urn.

Memorialization along the trail may be made on a natural rock, included in the price, and a small bronze plaque, priced separately. The Nature Trail provides an excellent alternative to scattering by providing a special place for loved ones to visit and remember, as well as a permanent record of a life lived.

We have many burial sites available along beautiful forest paths, both at White Haven Memorial Park in Pittsford, NY, and at Canandaigua Lakeview Cemetery in Rushville, NY. Join us for a leisurely walk along either trail soon!

For further information on our nature trail, click here to contact us.

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Rock Lawn

The manicured landscapes at White Haven Memorial Park

Our unique Rock Lawn format was created for people who wanted one of the natural rock memorials in our Nature Trail, but didn’t want to be cremated. In the Rock Lawn areas of both White Haven Memorial Park and Canandaigua Lakeview, the lawns are dotted with landscaped beds containing a variety of trees, flowers, and shrubs. Our signature rock memorials are placed at the head of each grave, along the edge of the landscaped beds. Rock Lawn graves can accommodate either a casket or an urn or, if purchased as a combo, one casket PLUS one urn.

In the lawn areas between the beds, graves are marked by small bronze plaques that lie flush to the ground instead of on a rock memorial. These markers are very economical. With all of these options and the beauty of the landscaped beds, it is no wonder that we need to continually develop more areas in our exclusive Rock Lawn format.

For more information about our Rock Lawn format, feel free to contact us today!


Green Burial

Green burial sites at White Haven Memorial Park

White Haven also offers a "green" or eco-friendly burial option that is certified by the Green Burial Council. The site of our green burial area is this lovely wildflower meadow that is home each spring to nesting bluebirds.

By designating this area as a green burial site, it will be kept free of herbicides and pesticides and will only be mowed once each year to prevent reforestation. Burials in this area are made in a simple, biodegradable container or cloth shroud. The body is not embalmed, cremated, or treated by any other means that would use toxic chemicals or fossil fuels in the process. The goal is to allow the body to return to the soil naturally.

Graves are larger in this area and therefore somewhat more expensive, but graves will be marked simply by a numbered granite block. A bronze plaque may be added to the granite block, if desired. For further information on bronze plaques, click here.

With the elimination of costly vaults, caskets and embalming, a green burial still costs much less than a traditional ground burial. Most importantly, choosing our green burial option will help to preserve an important nesting site for these beautiful bluebirds and protect all of the other wildlife that call this meadow home.

For further information on green burials, visit www.greenburialcouncil.org


Ground Burials

Ground burials areas at White Haven Memorial Park are set in manicured lawns with mature trees.

Most ground burial areas at White Haven Memorial Park are in manicured lawns dotted with mature trees. Most graves are marked by flat, bronze memorials. Some may be marked by a natural rock with a bronze plaque. Graves are available for either a casket or an urn, and you can select a location near a favorite tree, a colorful flower garden, or a religious, historical, or patriotic feature.

Our Korean War Memorial honors veterans who fought in "the forgotten war" and the America Standing Guard monument honors all who risk their lives to keep us safe and free: police, firefighters, rescue personnel, and past and present members of the military.

Grave prices start at $1250 for either a cremation or full casket burial. Additional costs would include a burial vault (purchased from a funeral home), a flat bronze grave marker (upright monuments are not used in a memorial park), and the grave opening fee.

We also have a special area for infants. Smaller graves and bronze memorials surround a statue called “Our Little Lambs.” It is styled and scaled to provide an appropriate and comforting setting for those lost at such an early age.

Permanent maintenance of your grave site is included in the price of each grave so there are no annual maintenance fees at White Haven. Each year, we decorate the grounds with bright flowers, many of which are grown in our own greenhouse.

You may order your bronze grave marker from this display area right at White Haven's office. Our helpful staff will assist you in creating a one-of-a-kind memorial by selecting just the right phrases, emblems and designs. Prices start at $720, including installation.


Mausoleums: Above-Ground Burial

Mausoleum at White Haven Memorial Park

Once only for the rich and famous, modern community mausoleums now cost no more than a ground burial. Larger spaces called crypts hold full caskets, while smaller spaces called niches accommodate cremated remains. At White Haven Memorial Park, you can even select a combination crypt to accommodate one full casket and one urn containing cremated remains.

These burial spaces are available both outside and inside these elegant buildings, which are constructed and maintained to last forever.

When you purchase a grave, there are several additional expenditures at the time of burial, such as a burial vault, grave marker, and burial fees. With above-ground burial, however, everything but a modest burial fee is included in one package price. Prices can be locked in at today's cost and, if desired, interest-free payments can be tailored to your budget and spread out over several years.

In our Lasting Light Mausoleum, you can choose a crypt or a niche near a fireplace, where you can warm yourself on a cold, winter day.

People choose above-ground burial for many reasons:

  • There is little left for the family to do or pay at a time of need.
  • It is more comfortable to visit indoors in all types of weather.
  • It is a high honor to the deceased, but often costs no more than ground burial.
  • It conserves land.
  • They do not like the idea of lowering themselves or loved ones into the ground.


Cremation in Rochester, NY

A stone memorial marker at White Haven Memorial Park

White Haven Memorial Park has its own crematory on site where three professionally trained and certified crematory operators use uniquely numbered metal tags to carefully track the identity of each individual throughout the cremation process. Within the crematory is our Reflection Room, where immediate family members may gather to witness the initiation of cremation.

Cremation is not an end in itself, but merely one means of preparing a body for burial and memorialization. At White Haven, we offer the widest range of options for those who choose cremation, from a wooded nature trail, to traditional ground burial or elegant but affordable above-ground burial. We even have several options for a couple to consider when one person chooses cremation and the other does not.

A permanent burial site is just as important for cremated remains as it is for a full body. To learn about the importance of choosing a permanent memorial, please click here.

Our Maplewood Mausoleum features lighted, glass-fronted niches to display an urn and photograph of your choice. In our Nature Trail, you can choose a site near a tree, pond or waterfall, with the sights and sounds of nature all around you.

For further information on our cremation services, click here to contact us.


Canandaigua Lake

Gravesites overlooking Canandaigua Lake

White Haven Memorial Park even has burial options overlooking beautiful Canandaigua Lake. A picturesque rural cemetery, Canandaigua Lakeview Cemetery is now owned and operated by White Haven. For further information, click here.



Pets can also be memorialized with a Pet Memorial at White Haven Memorial Park

Thanks to a recent change in NYS Law, you can now bury your beloved pet with you at White Haven or at Canandaigua Lakeview.  You just need to submit proof that the pet was cremated at a recognized pet crematory and our supervisors need to verify that there is enough room for the pet in your grave, crypt or niche.  If you have not already purchased your burial property, we can assist you in selecting a location that will enable you to include your dear pet or pets in your final plans.  As long as the pet(s) can be buried at the same time as a human, there is NO additional charge.  If you request a separate burial for the pet, the regular fees for that type of human burial will apply.

As you will see in the photo above, we have a variety of pet urns available if you need one.  We can also help you remember your pet by adding his or her name or likeness in the form of a bronze memorial to the memorial plaque for a grave or the lettering for a crypt or niche.

For a printable copy of our Application for Burial of a Cremated Pet, click here.     


White Haven Memorial Park is a member of the International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association, the Cremation Association of North America, the New York State Association of Cemeteries, the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary System, and the Green Burial Council.

Why Plan Ahead?

It may not be the most fun thing to think about, but planning ahead for your funeral and how you want to be buried can allow you to make informed decisions about what you want to happen after you are gone from this world. By planning ahead you can decide on the specific items and services you want for your funeral and grave site.

Planning ahead also means your family will not have the extra stress of making these hard decisions without you. Assisting families with their memorial and burial property arrangements in advance is a service we are proud to provide to our clients.

There are many benefits to selecting and paying for your burial property in advance, including:

  • Making these decisions together now means one of us will never have to do this alone.
  • Making these decisions for ourselves means our children will never have to make them for us.
  • Paying for our property now means no one else will have to pay for it later.
  • I will save money by taking time to compare options and prices now rather than waiting until a time of crisis.
  • Locking in today's prices with a purchase now will protect me and my survivors from the effects of inflation over the coming years.
  • Paying a little bit each month is much easier on the family budget than one large, unexpected outlay of cash (Cemetery costs must be paid in full BEFORE burial is made). Once we've made these arrangements and filed our will, we'll have done a lot to preserve our assets for our heirs.

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that the answers to these questions we hear quite often will be helpful to you. If you have questions not covered here, please use the form below to send us YOUR questions and we’ll get right back to you.

Q: With so many options, how do I know where to start?
A. The best place to start is at White Haven Memorial Park! Seeing the various options in person will make much more sense than comparing photos and numbers online or in print. Most people tell us they just know the right place when they see it. Often it is not what they thought they wanted at all! So, please schedule a tour as soon as you can by calling us at 585-586-5250. You will be under absolutely NO obligation to buy and you’ll find the process is much simpler when you can see things for yourself.

Q. Is it less expensive if I choose cremation?
A. It can be less expensive, but you don’t have to choose cremation just to save money. We can show you several economical options for casket burial, both in-ground and above-ground.

Q. Is above-ground burial more expensive than in-ground burial?
A. Some options are, but some options actually cost less than ground burial. Thanks to the modern design of community mausoleums, above-ground burial can be an economical choice for either casket or cremation. Ask us for our cost comparison and see for yourself!

Q. My wife wants to be cremated, but I do not. How will we ever decide?
A. No problem! We have several options called “Combos” that allow for one casket and one urn to be buried together. They are quite economical and we have both in-ground and above-ground Combos.

Q. I would like to make this decision now to make it easier on our children, but my husband refuses to discuss the subject. What should I do?
A. Suggest a trip to walk the new Nature Trail at White Haven. Many people are far more comfortable taking a walk in the woods than visiting a traditional cemetery, which they can find depressing. For a printable map of White Haven showing the location of the Nature Trail, click here. Once he sees our new Nature area he may be willing to engage in further discussion about prices and options. This indirect approach has worked for MANY couples and we hope it works for you, too.

Q. Why shouldn’t I just keep my loved one’s cremated remains at home or scatter the ashes at our favorite vacation spot?
A. Because only a regulated cemetery like White Haven can provide a permanent memorial where all friends and family members, including future generations, can visit as they wish. With the cost of a permanent memorial at White Haven as low as $950, why not honor your loved one (or yourself!) in this meaningful way?