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Audubon Program

As a fully certified member of the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program, White Haven Memorial Park is committed to managing its property with wildlife and the environment in mind. We recycle and use sustainable products and procedures whenever possible. We constantly try to reduce our consumption of natural resources and have created several earth-friendly burial options. For further information, please explore the topics below.

Audubon Program
Bluebird Program
Butterfly Relases
Bat House Project
Tree Identification Project
Hiking Trails & Walking Programs
Nature Trail and Green Burial


Audubon Program

White Haven Memorial Park was the first cemetery in the world to become fully certified as an Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary by Audubon International. To achieve this designation, we needed to complete projects in the categories of: Environmental Planning; Wildlife and Habitat Management; Resource Conservation; Waste Management; and Outreach & Education.

Click here for more information on White Haven Memorial Park's Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program.


Bluebird Program

One of our favorite Audubon projects has been our bluebird program. White Haven is now a regular nesting site for these beautiful birds each spring and over 100 bluebirds have successfully fledged here. From April to June you will see them in Section V or Section GB, our Green Burial area which is named Bluebird Meadow.

Click here for the Cemetery Map.

Click here to visit the website of the New York State Bluebird Society. During nesting season, they have a "nestcam" of nesting bluebirds. We have received donations of nest boxes from several individuals as well as from Maplewood Nursing Home in Webster, NY and the Conservation Club at Harris Hill Elementary School in Penfield, NY.

The Harris Hill Conservation Club consists of around sixty 1st – 5th graders who are also known as “Ambassadors for the Earth”. They are living up to their name by helping us build up the population of Eastern Bluebirds, which are native to this area.

For a printable map to locate the Harris Hill Conservation Club nest box, click here..

Audubon Program


Bat House Project

Bat House Project

Project Goal: Increase the bat population in Western New York

Background: The bat population has been significantly declining over the last few years due to a fungus called White Nose Syndrome, which kills bats off quickly. This appears to be more widespread in the Northeast. Humans have also decreased the natural habitats of different types of bats. One bat can eat anywhere from 500 to 1000 mosquitoes a night, reducing the chance of being bit by a mosquito carrying a disease.

Action: Kilian Bestram's Eagle Scout project was to build and install bat houses so the bats had a safe place to roost. Kilian and other scout and adult volunteers from BSA Troop 341 in Pittsford, NY, installed the eight bat houses in the Blue Bird Sanctuary and near the Nature Trail of White Haven Memorial Park.

Win for the Environment: Bat populations in Western New York received a boost to be increased over the next few years. Bats help control the mosquito population naturally.

Win for White Haven: The materials to build the bat houses were donated by local companies and installed by the Boy Scouts and adult volunteers. With increased bat populations there will be a decrease in mosquitoes making a visit to White Haven a safer and more pleasurable experience.


Tree Identification Project

White Haven is home to more than 100 species of trees. Information on each species and the location of specimen trees is available in our office.

Hiking Trails & Walking Programs

Hiking Trails

You are welcome to walk or run in either of our cemeteries during any daylight hours. Please observe all cemetery rules and respect the privacy of anyone visiting a grave or attending a service. Below are some specific ways we invite you to enjoy the beauty of our parks.

Hiking Trails

We have opened a few hiking trails for public recreation in a part of our beautiful hardwood forest that will not be needed for cemetery purposes for many years. No bicycles or motorized vehicles are permitted, but pedestrians and dogs that remain under control at all times are welcome during all daylight hours. For a printable map of the hiking area, click here.

Taking Strides Together Walking Program

Join this existing group any Thursday at 2PM and take a leisurely stroll around White Haven, weather permitting. For further information, click here.

Walking and Running Contests and Events

Join us for "Walk (or sit) in the Park", our annual fundraiser for Mercy Flight Central on Sunday, September 14, 2014.
For details, click here. For a registration form, click here.

For a chance to set and meet personal goals and compete with others for great prizes, join our Walking Club. To register for one of our walking or running contests, simply print and sign the Registration Form below and email it to or you can mail it or drop it off at our office:

White Haven Memorial Park
Attn: Nate Romagnola
210 Marsh Road
Pittsford, NY, 14534

You must be 18 years of age or older, but there is no cost to join. Once you have signed up, you can get started walking or running in either of our cemeteries. Print out one of the mapped routes below or create your own route using a pedometer or a website such as

Print Registration Form | Print Contest Brochure | Print White Haven Routes | Print Canandaigua Route

For directions to Canandaigua Lakeview Cemetery, click here.

To report mileage for your walks or runs please email Or call 585-586-5250 and ask for Nate. We will track your mileage for you so you will know how many miles you have walked or run since you first signed up. We will also announce contests from time to time so you can compete with others for some great prizes!

Sign up today and extend YOUR life by walking or running in one of our two beautiful cemeteries!

Pet Services & Facilities

Pet Services

In addition to the pet-friendly hiking trails described above, pets are welcome throughout the Park as long as you have them under your control at all times and pick up after them as necessary.

We know that pets are often as well loved and deeply missed as other members of our families. Although current New York State law does not allow us to bury pets, we do have several ways to help you remember your precious animal friends.

Along the hiking trails we have a pet memorial area shown at right with a bridge crossing a “stream” of rocks. Individual rocks may be engraved with your pet’s name for a donation of $150 or more to our Memorial Gift Fund. Or, you may add a bronze emblem showing the breed or other likeness of your pet to your own grave, crypt or niche. Please check for availability and pricing at the time you plan your own memorial. We even offer pet memorial services conducted by one of our Certified Celebrants. They are usually held in the gazebo, but can be held in one of our chapels if you prefer.For further information on Pet Services & Facilities click here.

Nature Trail and Green Burial

White Haven even has two earth-friendly burial options. For those who choose cremation, click here for information on our Nature Trail for Cremation Burials, which is located in a beautiful hardwood forest. To read a newspaper article about our Nature Trail, click here

For those who do not want to be cremated, click here for information on Green Burial, which takes place in a lovely wildflower meadow.

Click here to contact us at White Haven Memorial Park.